Saturday, May 14, 2016

biggest week in birding

To-day is International Migratory Bird Day. Yesterday, i went to the boardwalk at Magee Marsh in Jerusalem Township, Lucas County. It is a remnant of the Great Black Swamp, which had hindered settling in northwest Ohio. The place is famous for warblers, singing birds smaller than sparrows. On a good day, as Friday was (beautiful dry May day of average temperature and very little breeze) twenty different species can be seen, and maybe identified.

Photography is challenging. Points where birds were visible were choked with people at times, and a couple guys with bazooka and howitzer cameras, and occasionally tripods were barricades. The subjects are small birds, and most are very active in movement. The exceptions tend to be secretive. With many leaves and branches it is hard to focus in on one. The first good foto of one i took was the cover bird of this year's visitor guide, a chestnut-sided warbler.

Very few young people were there, and virtually all were Amish, some with birding books, and knowledgeable. Some people would answer your questions, and others ignored you completely. Outside the boardwalk, there was an eagle's nest. And of the few i have seen, at this one you could actually see the birds without field glasses. At other places, the forbidden zone was far greater. Beach and lake birding was quite poor this day.

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