Friday, November 6, 2015

Watson, come here

"Watson, come here" is a variant of the first words spoken over the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell. Watson was also the friend of Sherlock Holmes. Our Golden Retriever pup may be a namesake of one of those two. I see great humour in calling out "Watson, come here".

Dogs are vibrant animals. They can exude joy, and affection. Their intelligence is visible, and self-evident. They may very well be the best possible ambassador from the animal kingdom. Part of this aura is that hounds are social, but so are termites; no dogs are social towards people. This breed of pup has a cuteness charisma that pegs the meter.

We all have our biases. We here are very pro-dog. Dogs are creatures that deserve names. Here in America, often dogs are given Christian names. No, that is not right. There should not be confusion in calling a human or a hound. True 'Watson' is a human surname, but 'Tom' is a normally given human's name. Giving a doggy a clever name is good. Here is the opportunity for cleverness. Giving a child the name 'Sparkles' or 'R2D2' is a mistake, but to a Basset Hound--well that's kool.

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